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Swisspower Renewables AG

Swisspower Renewables AG



Renewables AG

Swisspower Renewables AG invests and operates onshore wind power and hydropower plants in Central Europe. The company achieves high efficiency in Group Reporting thanks to the CCH Tagetik solution implemented by Satriun.

Key Facts

  • To bring the digitalization of group reporting to a next level, Swisspower Renewables AG decided to replace its spreadsheet-based consolidation and budgeting process by a modern group consolidation, planning & reporting solution
  • Swisspower Renewables AG selected CCH Tagetik as future solution and needed a trusted partner that was able to bring best in class practices for both, its functional consolidation & budgeting requirements and the new software CCH Tagetik


The Solution

  • Design and implementation of CCH Tagetik for consolidation, budgeting and mid-term planning
  • Data integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV via CCH Tagetik ETL
  • Workflow driven and tailored budget, mid-term planning and business planning processes with uniform structures including detailed sub-plans for OPEX and CAPEX next to main financial statements including cash flow
  • The design was leveraging Satriun’s starter kit for CCH Tagetik, providing business content & templates for data model, forms & reports as well as processes, based on best demonstrated practices focusing on CCH Tagetik standard functionality


Key Benefits

  • Fast, robust & accurate reporting and planning processes, designed to be digitalized using the standard functionalities of the new technology
  • Streamlined data model across scenarios with an optimized group chart of accounts, reporting package, automated cash flow statement and decentralized IC reconciliation, as well as simplified reporting & planning processes tailored to the exact needs of Swisspower Renewables AG


Satriun as our implementation partner and CCH Tagetik as our new CPM system provided the optimal fit. Satriun delivers a unique blend of excellent knowledge of both group accounting & controlling as well as CCH Tagetik. Their committed and customer focused approach was a critical success factor to achieve our project objectives on time and in budget.

Diego Kuonen

CFO, Swisspower Renewables AG

Solevo Group

Solevo Group


Solevo Group

Solevo, a leading distributor of chemicals and inputs for specific industrial and agricultural segments in Africa achieves high efficiency in group consolidation and reporting thanks to its CCH Tagetik solution implemented by Satriun.
Key Facts

  • Following its spin off from Louis Dreyfus Group, Solevo needed to select and implement its own group consolidation and management reporting solution
  • Solevo needed a partner that understood both its former group consolidation solution SAP Financial Consolidation and the selected solution CCH Tagetik
  • The project needed speedy execution and consultants that could provide hosting for SAP Financial Consolidation, leverage the existing configurations and configure CCH Tagetik in record time based on a ready-to-use Starter Kit


The Solution

  • While still using the legacy SAP Financial Consolidation solution on a Satriun-hosted cloud, Solevo and Satriun designed the CCH Tagetik solution
  • The design was based on Satriun’s Easy Start starter kit for CCH Tagetik, providing the project team with pre-configured content according to good practices
  • The CCH Tagetik Consolidation application has been purposely designed for Solevo, only leveraging some historical configurations from former shareholder
Key Benefits

  • Now Solevo is using modern technology, allowing for agile closings and reporting
  • The CCH Tagetik application is tailored to the exact needs of Solevo – in terms of chart of accounts, analytical dimensionsand calculations
  • The swift transformation of the Corporate Performance Management platform contributed to an efficient carve-out process for the group


Satriun provided exactly the service we needed: expertise on our former SAP solution, a pre-configured starter kit for CCH Tagetik and the expertise to tailor it to our exact specifications. The result of the rapid implementation is a new solution for our group Consolidation, Statutory and Management Reporting that perfectly fits our needs.

Nicolas Piquet-Michot

Head of Accounting, Reporting & Consolidation, Solevo Group





CCH Tagetik

Fugro, the world’s leading Geo-data specialist, implemented CCH Tagetik on HANA to replace its existing Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) solution for consolidation and group reporting.

Key challenges

  • IFRS-based financial consolidation and reporting for actual, budget and forecast data
  • Source data acquisition from over 300 legal entities using 5 master ETL routines
  • Interpretation and migration of HFM rules file to CCH Tagetik functionality
  • Excel-based consolidated cash flow statement migrated to CCH Tagetik
  • Complex DSO formula using the absorption method of calculation
  • HFM’s entity dimension not only featuring legal entities but also managerial units
  • Extensive management reporting decks in Excel and PowerPoint


Project highlights

  • Integrated data model for IFRS- and management reporting purposes
  • Income statement by region / division / business line / service line
  • Matrix consolidation with intercompany eliminations by entity and by region
  • Entity dimension featuring only legal entities for easier intercompany reporting
  • Monthly consolidation incl. automatic equity pick-up & equity consolidation incl. CTA
  • Classroom trainings delivered globally for a 200+ user base


Key benefits

  • Delegated intercompany matching using the CCH Tagetik IC matching cockpit
  • Phased submission using the CCH Tagetik process management cockpit
  • Cost allocations using the CCH Tagetik allocation engine to enable P&L by region
  • Fully automated equity pick-up and equity consolidation

With our HFM licenses expiring, we were looking for a solution to not just replace existing functionality, but to also enhance and automate our consolidation and reporting processes. It wasn’t always an easy ride, but in the end I am very positive and satisfied with Satriun and with CCH Tagetik on HANA, and believe it was the right choice of software and partner.

David-Alexandre Guez

Group Controller , Fugro

Agfa-Gevaert Group

Agfa-Gevaert Group


Agfa-Gevaert Group

The Agfa-Gevaert Group develops, produces and distributes an extensive range of imaging systems and IT solutions, mainly for the printing industry and the healthcare sector, as well as for specific industrial applications.

Agfa’s headquarters and parent company are located in Mortsel, Belgium. The Group’s operational activities are divided in four divisions: Offset Solutions, Digital Print & Chemicals, Radiology Solutions, and HealthCare IT. All divisions have strong market positions and well-defined strategies.

Agfa’s largest production and research centers are located in Belgium, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, China and Brazil. Agfa is commercially active worldwide through wholly owned sales organizations in more than 40 countries. In countries where Agfa does not have its own sales organization, the market is served by a network of agents and representatives.





Viteos, distributeur neuchâtelois multiénergie, met en place avec succès la solution CCH Tagetik pour l’élaboration de son budget, son plan à long-terme ainsi que pour ses restitutions de gestion.


  • Remplacer le processus d’élaboration budgétaire et la planification à long-terme, tous deux auparavant sous Excel
  • Mettre en place un workflow de saisie et de validation à une échelle opérationnelle
  • Garantir aux utilisateurs une prise en main simple et rapide
  • Interfacer la solution avec le système transactionnel (ERP)


Points majeurs

  • Remontée mensuelle de données de réalisé
  • Plan à long terme sur 5 ans
  • Allocation de coûts automatique au réalisé, budget et plan à long-terme
  • Budget et plan à long-terme top-down et bottom-up



  • Effort manuel considérablement réduit lors de l’élaboration budgétaire avec CCH Tagetik
  • Gain en productivité et qualité sur l’analyse des données et la production du reporting
  • Solution ouverte à de nombreux autres développements: reporting des engagés, prévisionnel, consolidation, etc.


L’implémentation de CCH Tagetik par Satriun Group a insufflé une nouvelle dynamique, par la structuration des données financières, en offrant un langage commun notamment grâce à des états de restitutions comparables entre les niveaux hiérarchique et les différents services. D’autre part, la formalisation des processus, requise par l’outil, a contribué à améliorer la gestion interne.

Pierre Schweiter

Responsable du service des finances, Viteos SA